Mora 220 pull & push knife

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Image of Mora 220 pull & push knife

This is a super handy tool that makes short work of spoon handles and the back of spoon bowls.

Much like a traditional draw knife, the Mora 220 is designed to be held with two hands while your spoon is clamped in a vice, shaving horse or spoon mule.

It has two main differences from a draw knife that make it perfect for spoon making. The first is that the handles are on the same plane as the blade, making it easy to pull or push the knife - this is great for working into tight corners like the shoulder of a spoon, and for dealing with different grain directions. The second main difference is the blade has a bevel on both sides, making it a fantastic tool for carving concave surfaces.

Made in Sweden at the famous Morakniv factory. Comes with a carbon steel blade that is super sharp, ready to carve, and easy to maintain.


Image of Mora 220 pull & push knife