Hultafors Trekkers Little Helper

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Image of Hultafors Trekkers Little Helper

The best inventions are the simplest, and this neat little offering from Hultafors offers lots to us spoonies.

Use it as an 'apron for times when you don't want to wear an apron' by hooking it over your knee and providing protection without the heat and heaviness of an apron.

As it's made from thick impregnated leather, it also makes a great seat pad that'll save you from damp ground and jack jumper bites!

And finally, for bushcrafters who want to get a fire going in a sheltered spot, you can use it to transport burning kindling over to the main fire spot.

So many uses for one little foldaway piece of leather, and a great addition or gift for bushcrafters and whittlers.


Image of Hultafors Trekkers Little Helper