Dianova classic long lapstone

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Image of Dianova classic long lapstone

Designed and made in the heart of Swedish Lapland, these handy pocket sharpeners are the best I've come across.

Double sided, with a fine and a course side of 600 or 300 grit (30 or 60 micron diamonds), the lapstone sharpener is great for reducing the time when returning an edge to tools, including knives and axes.

I especially like using mine to sharpen my axes. I also use it on carving knives needing a heavy sharpening, finishing off the process with a finer grit abrasive and leather strop.

Can be used wet or dry, but I prefer using them wet.

The handle is made of 1.5 mm stainless spring steel and comes with a Cordura case fitted with a swivel-hook.

Dianova Lapstone’s proven manufacturing process has been used since 1993 to guarantee an even, hardwearing surface with an unequalled number of diamonds per square millimetre.

Length: 170 mm, Width: 20 mm, Thickness: 3 mm, Diamond surfaces: 75 x 19 mm – monocrystalline diamonds of the highest quality rating.


Image of Dianova classic long lapstone