Karesuando Vuonjal bushcraft knife

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Image of Karesuando Vuonjal bushcraft knife

Some bushcraft knives are HUGE, kind of like the Croc Dundee moment that we all know. The only thing is a knife that's so big limits you with carving anything but a tree trunk sized spoon...so enter the little ripper that's a Vuonjal!

Made in Swedish Lapland, the Vuonjal - the Sami name for a female 1-year old reindeer calf - has a super polished 7cm Sandvik 12c27 blade attached to a curly birch handle. There's a beautiful brass bolster and an inlay of reindeer horn too.

Small enough for carving and big enough for simple bushcraft tasks, this one is a real all rounder.

Comes with a beautiful leather sheath (brown or black, you choose).


Image of Karesuando Vuonjal bushcraft knife